Vanessa sajous grew up in a family in which cooking was prevalent. Since adolescence, she made it clear that cooking was going to be her profession, as everyone around recognized her special gift. For Nessa, cooking is the key to a long and healthy life. She learned from an early age how cooking regroups families, promotes live and cultural competence.With 15 years of experience cooking at some of the best restaurants throughout palm beach county, Nessa is excited to offer you her flavor-rich food. she attended culinary school and worked at the finest country coins in palm beach country. Been passionate and care about people’s health makes her to be more committed to attitude, healthy cooking with healthy eating environment which has made more of the customer experience fantastic with delicious food from her kitchen.As your private chef, you can take advantage of Nessa’s weekly meal plan to meet your dietary and nutritional goals.Furthermore, she offers catering services for special events from small to large groups, private dinner for couples, and dinning options for seniors and those special diets.

Nessa’s number one priority is giving clients what they want. There’s nothing she enjoys more than seeing the joy in people’s faces after tasting her food. She doesn’t negotiate freshness and cleanliness. Working in the restaurant business for years, she understands that food freshness and cooking in a clean environment go a long way and that one misstep whether, during the prep, the cooking, or serving can have a tremendous impact on her reputation as a chef. Therefore, the quality of ingredients is important to Nessa who fundamentally understands that the quality of food depends on the quality of ingredients.